Ask anyone who has had the opportunity to study abroad, and you’ll get the same breathless enthusiasm, the same far-away look as they remember their adventures, and perhaps even the same words:

“It changed my life.”

These experiences are so personal and varied that it can be difficult to understand the depth of the impact they have had.

What does ‘life-changing’ really mean?

This blog works to provide you with insight into the world of education abroad. This blog seeks to be honest, in-depth, and relevant to you.  We feature the voices of students and staff on issues that transcend borders, addressing themes from which we can all learn–cultural difference, homesickness, fear, and 

above all, the incomparable growth that a global education can offer.

Please bear with us as we expand our body of resources, and if you have any interest in contributing a piece, we welcome your voice with enthusiasm and gratitude.